Some old trends and new-wizards of wavely place,wonderpets,phineas and ferb

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Summer trends!


Celebrating 5years! A few old trendsand new ones for the summer party

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We are still loving Princess and the frog!

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Available at Morgan's Sweet Club

We are still loving Tiana ! The doll cakes are always in vogue for little princesses . Also now requested are custom cakes featuring Prince Naveen and all the characters of the movie.

Next week, cupcake cake from Tangled

Cakes available for delivery in Houston Texas,Washington DC metro areas

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All our cakes in this blog are available to order through our website

Some of Our Favorite Custom Cakes

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Some of our favorite custom cakes

Hello world!

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Specialty 3d cakes and doll cakes now available for delivery in Houston Texas

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As our business services continues to expand, our specialty 3d cakes,custom cakes , tiered cakes as well as doll cakes are now available for your little one’s special day in Houston Texas.  We look forward to serving you here. Our  Decorate A Cupcake party entertainment service is also available in Houston, Texas. Service in Salt Lake City, Utah and other parts of the country coming soon .

Favorite Signature Custom cakes we made this summer-All edible

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Birthday Cakes 2010

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Its your child’s birthday, you’re having a party and now its time to get the cake.

Most parents choose the one year olds cake based on what they the parents  would like but from the 3rd birthday,most kids know exactly what they want.

Here are some cake trends  for 2010 for your child’s party

Birthday Cakes

Available at Morgan’s Sweet Club

The new disney Princess-Princess Tiana . Folks can’t seem to get enough of the Princess and the

Frog cake with request from all over the world. Unfortunately we do not ship these cakes to

Europe but they will be available soon through our affiliate bakery in London, UK.

Available at Morgan’s Sweet Club

The fashion diva cake! Believe it or not, our youngest fashionistas are as young as 5 and they want

this cake!. Okay, some are urged on by the fashionista mom who would want this cake too for their birthday.

Available at Morgan’s Sweet Club

Grand multi-tier cakes bursting with color. Cakes are customized with different colors but

believe it or not, we do have some little girls who do not like pink!Ideal for the tween

who has a set mind about decorating styles.

Available at Morgan’s Sweet Club

Timeless classic, the Barbie doll cakes. Last year was Barbie’s 50th birthday and it was

a joy to have this cake ordered by a Grandma,for herself and granddaughters. 

For the boys, the level of complexity of the cake is always on another level.

When a boy wants a cake, he wants the exact 3d replica of his favorite toy or character.Sometimes

one can placate them with their favorite character picture from a movie or cartoon on the cake .

Our favorites have been  Star Wars-Clone Wars,Captain Rex,Anarkin, Transformers-BumbleBee(in 3d of course)

and camouflage cakes and tanks.

                                                     Available at Morgan’s Sweet Club

Cupcake Pull-Aparts are a little more trickier to do but with the cupcake rage these days , we get many requests for cakes like these.

Available at Morgan’s Sweet Club

Make your next party a fun one for all.

Coming soon, Cupcake Parties and Cupcake decorating kits and ideas.